Our Policies

You have the right to clear communication about when your services/repairs will be completed.

It is always our goal to have your services/repairs completed by the end of the day. Parts delays and other circumstances beyond our control can make this impossible to fulfill. We will do our very best to let you know the status of your vehicle so you have time to make transportation arrangements.

You have the right to a Complimentary Inspection with any paid service/repair.

This 44-point inspection is automatically performed for you and is an overall visual inspection to make sure we inform you of any concerns you need to be aware of immediately or for future maintenance planning. Ask your service consultant for additional information.

You have the right to an estimate in WRITING from us.

We will always provide you with a written estimate that is good for 30 days. We cannot honor verbal or over-the-phone estimates. Please bring your written estimate with you.

You have a right to know that older cars (over 5 years from current model year) and high mileage cars (over 100,000 miles) require a great deal of maintenance and repair work.

Multiple components often fail within the same timeframe. We guarantee the parts and labor on the specific repair work we do for a period 12 months or 12,000. Miles, whichever comes first. We do not guarantee any other parts or components on the vehicle.

You have the right to know that we will honor Parts Warranties for parts we provide and install to the extent provided by the manufacturer of the part.

However, if you decline services required by the manufacturer, the part may NOT be warranted if defective. Example: Water Pump manufacturers often require a coolant flush be done at the time the pump is replaced or they will not honor the part warranty.

You have the right to know that Customer-Supplied Parts will NOT include our standard or extended labor warranty coverage.

Refunds and/or Labor Claims on a defective customer-supplied part are the customer’s responsibility. A higher labor rate is charged when a customer supplies their own parts. We reserve the right to refuse to install customer-supplied parts.

You have the right to know that we will NOT provide and install used parts under most circumstances.

In the rare circumstance that we can only supply a used part for your repair, there is NO labor warranty included.

You have the right to know that we can only give you 3 days to pay for and remove your vehicle:

Due to limited space, all vehicles must be paid for and removed from our lot within 3 days of completion of diagnosis or repairs or you will be charged $30.00 per day administration fee. This includes weekends and holidays. Approval for repairs after diagnosis must be given within 48 hours of diagnosis or administration fees will begin to accrue. After 30 days, your vehicle will be towed to a storage facility; towing, storage, and our unpaid balance will be required to release vehicle.

You have the right to know that we do not accept personal checks for payment.

We accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Please be aware that if your repairs are estimated over $1000, we will need a 50% deposit prior to starting the repairs.

If you will need more than 3 days to prepare your deposit, please let us know in order to avoid additional fees (see our 3-day policy above).

We are committed to protecting your privacy.  The information you enter on our site is held in confidence between you and us.  We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.  This privacy statement discloses how the information you provide is used and protected.